The portal to my writings – Timothy Liao

Welcome to the portal to the writings of Timothy Liao. I am interested in social conundrum issues, technology and gadget advances, North American hockey, spiritual issues, food and cooking concepts


1 thought on “The portal to my writings – Timothy Liao”

  1. Lisa T. said:

    You are so cute! I love U like the brother in Christ U R, but Ur my favorite! Don’t tell the others!
    I’m so proud of U & value ur take on the issues. Sanity IS over rated. I checked with a professional years ago, if U think Ur insane, U R NOT! If U R insane, you won’t know it, everyone else will. People say, “You’re weird,” I say, “So what?” I hate people who point out the obvious, like they’re all smart or something.( Lord forgive me.)
    I hav a license frame, “I’m NOT Weird, I’m gifted !” It’s TRUE ! We R kindred spirits, Ur such a blessing & jewel 2me. Thanks for inviting me! L.T.

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