Emma Kuy

I have two beautiful nieces that I am always telling anyone who will listen about. The first one is Emma Kuy, who as of May 2011 is seventeen months old. She is so precious and joyful. For a toddler she has very profound instincts, especially sensing those who could use their spirits lifted the most. Often when I am down, I am instantly lifted when she just comes up to me and kisses me. Even though my sister and brother in-law are both busy professionals who rely on a nanny to watch our dear Emma, she is such a well-adjusted loving, happy, and secure child who could not be any better if her parents could be with her twenty-four hours, seven days a week. She is truly perfect child, one that will eventually change the World one day.

Audrey Liao

Audrey Liao came into the World just a year or so after her older cousin Emma. She has brought all of us such immense joy but especially her parents Joe and Merille Liao. Physically different from Emma with her sporadic amounts of hair, baby Audrey came into this World was a massive lustrous mane. But their personalities of joyfulness and lovingness make them quite similar. You could often hear Audrey laugh clear from the other side of her house. She has such a sweet, loving disposition that makes you feel like the World is a much better place than others make it out to be. And man is she intelligent. You could already tell  as she nears her six months of life, she is going to be brainy as well as beautiful.